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Villa vineyard house in Merdəkan


  • Azərsu
  • Filterli Hovuz
  • İnternet
  • Kombi
  • Kupça
  • Mebel
  • Qaz Xətti
  • Təmirli


On the Merdekan trail of Xezer rayon, in one of the prestigious elite huts, a 2-level Villa, located on a fully infrastructural place, built on 11 hectare land is sold. In the vineyard area, there are tebii and decorative trees, comfortable besetka, wide-filter baseyn, pult-controlled darvaza, s/q and s. In the bag house, the area is 450 kv m, there are 6 bedrooms with light, 1 large sofa bed, large underground room, heating pol, combi system and 5 s/q. Design and decor in accordance with European standards. Tikilib suitable for zovgle and modern style. The house can be built with quality waste materials. Water, gas, light are permanent. The bonds of the house are on the right.

  • ID: 50990
  • Published: 24.07.2023
  • Last Update: 24.07.2023
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